Using Vagrant in Production

After presenting on 'Fearless Development with Drush, Vagrant and Aegir' at DrupalCamp Montreal, I was approached about a rather interesting project. It involved synchronizing data between a couple dozen Drupal sites running on Windows systems. To be able to better manage the Drupal components on these systems, we decided to deploy Aegir on Vagrant-based virtual machines (VMs).

Nifty trick for simpler testing of provisioning in Vagrant

I'm a huge fan of Vagrant and have been using it pretty extensively lately. In particular, I'm using it to develop, test and debug a number of Puppet modules. Obviously I keep these modules under version control, for which I strongly prefer Git. The problem I was coming across was that, in order to run git commands, I have to be in the appropriate module's sub-directory, but to run 'vagrant provision' I needed to be in the root of the vagrant project.

Setting up a proper dev environment with VirtualBox and Vagrant

For awhile now, I've been meaning to experiment with <a href="">Puppet</a> to get my server (and maybe even desktop!) config management under control. Since I've called in sick today (I guess I'll just have to miss that budget meeting...), I figure this is a fine opportunity to invest in some skill-building.

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