Our organization is not only using Drupal, but also contributes back to the community and to the project by writing modules and themes, participating in forums, lecturing in conferences, organizing Drupal events and more.

This page is a tribute to the contributors. It displays the highlights of our give-backs to the community. It is our part of the /drupalgive initiative.

Profile Roles

Enable control over the roles an Aegir client user is assigned during site install.

Aegir Hosting System

Aegir makes it easy to install, upgrade, deploy, and backup an entire network of Drupal sites.

Drush Vagrant integration

A Drush extension that wraps around Vagrant, and provides a templating (blueprints) system, Drush aliases and more.

Aegir Ubercart Integration

Allows clients to purchase sites, and have them provisioned automatically.

Aegir Puppet Module

A Puppet module to install and manage Aegir.


A Drush-Vagrant blueprint that installs Aegir in a VM.

Drush Puppet Module

A Puppet module to install Drush. It provides a basic wrapper for some common commands.

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